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Sao Paulo, Brasil

Yuri Tuma was born in 1983 in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and lives and works in Miami. He has had four solo exhibitions with Butter Gallery (2008 - 2013) and has participated in group shows and art fairs in New York and Shanghai. Tuma's main practice is photography, but has also collaborated in video, sculpture, fashion and installation art.


Tuma transforms his photographs into formulaic patterns creating optical art pieces unusual to the field of photography. Usually driven by architecture and urbanism, Tuma also finds inspiration in nature and geometry. His most recent exhibits, Sym City and Headlights, explore the marriage between photography and math in order to achieve a 3-D illusion on a 2-D plane.


Headlights, Solo Exhibit, Miami 2013.

Product 81 Gallery.


Sym City, Solo Exhibit, Miami 2012.

Butter Gallery.


Miami International Art Fair, 2012.

Butter Gallery.


Smash and Grab, Miami 2011.

Locust Projects.


Shanghai Art Fair, 2011.

International Chinese Fine Arts Council.


Metropolis, Solo Exhibit, Miami 2011.

Butter Gallery


Garden, Solo Exhibit, Miami 2010.

Butter Gallery.


Roofless, Solo Exhibit, Miami 2010.

Butter Gallery.


Scope Art Fair, Miami/New York 2010, 2011.


South Flordia Ford Collection.


Celebrity Art Collection on Infinity Cruise Lines.


The Green Family Collection.


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