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Following her participation in Butter Gallery's group photo exhibit "The It Click" in 2010, the photographer mostly known as "Parcialmente Nublada" returns to the gallery's main exhibition space and the adjacent Gesamtkunstwerk Projektraum with a selection of images from her active role in the documentation of the Miami street art scene.


Her first solo exhibit titled "Wild Streets" candidly captures the nomadic and free spirited nature of the street art movement. As editor of and the Miami correspondent for numerous international street art publications Diana Larrea has become an important part of the increasingly relevant artistic movement.


This exhibit was made possible with the support of Wynwood Murals and South Florida Ford.

"One of the most rewarding aspects of my work is to witness the interaction between the street artist and his surroundings, the complex dynamics of community and how ephemeral their work can be. Through photography I have witnessed the honest and sometimes wild side of Miami's urban culture".

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