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"Wynwood Arts District’s rebel child: the Butter Gallery."  -


Established in 2006, the Butter gallery is a contemporary art space of wide curatorial parameters under the direction of Francisco De La Torre. The gallery has a history of exhibiting the thought-provoking works of emerging and mid-career artists whose art creates both an immediate visual and visceral impact on viewers. Butter Gallery considers itself a boutique exhibition space that operates outside of the art gallery model.


With its new, multi-room home at the Gesamtkunstwerk building west of the Wynwood Arts District in Miami, Butter Gallery aims to showcase the recent work of selected artists with extended exhibitions that challenge the commercial format of the art world.


Francisco de La Torre is also responsible for curating a selection of avant-garde exhibitions at the adjacent Projektraum, a multi-disciplinary space designed to provide an outlet for emerging talent whose work falls between the established categories of visual art practice.

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