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Found objects come alive on August 8, 2015 when Butter Gallery and Fordistas present “Entering the dArk”, a recent body of work by Colombian born artist Alejandro Franco. 


“Entering the dArk” is a visual interpretation of the Genesis flood narrative Noah's Ark -- a myth where the existence of animals was salvaged by God's guidance to Noah, a mortal. In this exhibit the artist uses familiar imagery to deconstruct the original narrative of the story and modernize it to reflect today’s reality.


Each pair of species was constructed from fragments of used furniture and common objects. Noah’s Ark, whose original symbolism represented the salvation of animals, is now replaced by a black hole created by an uncompassionate mankind that leads all living beings into extinction.


The intention is not to criticize or to raise awareness about the degradation of human compassion. The purpose of this piece is to blend the contours of animal shapes with common objects in an effort to instigate a spontaneous dialogue on the value we, humans, place on the sacredness of life.   

“The way I perceive the coincidence between forms is as a nod of deep sympathy among objects, it fascinates me how inert beings make use of their limited configuration to tell new stories”.


- Alejandro Franco


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