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09 DE JULIO, 2016


Butter Gallery presents Las Sinalectas: A series of drawings on paper; the recent work of Cuban born artist Filio Galvez. The exhibit consists of 36 pencil drawings commissioned by his friend, the Cuban poet Javier Marimon; to illustrate a collection of stanzas titled "Las Sinalectas".  The title, a word created by Marimon, as a “resource of style” (recursos de estilismo), is allegorical to his method of “accepting” his verses. 


The author explains:


“La palabra “Sinalecta” fue una sonoridad que llegó y asi fue aceptada, del mismo modo natural en que me llegan estos breves textos, mezclas de narraciones y percepciones”.


The word “sinalecta” was a sound that arrived and as such was accepted, in the same natural manner that these brief texts, narratives and perspectives come to me.


For Galvez; traditional drawing as, a representational medium, allowed him to approach the project with a precise methodology. The images make direct reference to words that appear in 18 selected poems. The drawings are then dissected in 36 geometric fragments in order to configure abstract spaces within the images and imitate the way in which the poems are written; while creating a chronology within the body of work.


Please join us on Saturday July 9, 2016 for the opening reception of Las Sinalectas: A series of drawings on paper by Filio Galvez from 7-11 PM at the adjacent Gesamtkunstwerk Projektraum.


Also available for viewing at the gallery is Tatyana Fazlalizadeh’s permanent installation of her Stop Telling Women to Smile street art campaign and She Comes First; an installation by Jill Weisberg.

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