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Florida, USA

Following his solo at Scope Miami 2012, the gestural language of Douglas Hoekzema, continues to assertively evolve, in a painterly manner, towards the physics of movement; as if exploring the basic laws of nature and how they relate to the human experience. In this new body of work the artist incorporates the manual gestures of his over extended paint strokes with a low tech mechanism.


By eventually transitioning into a series into a series of paintings created only by the moving pendulum, Hoekzama expands on the vocabulary of his language while maintaining a cohesive evolutionary process. 


Solo Exhibit, Vienna 2012.

Stilwerk Project Space.


Hox, Solo Exhibit, Miami, 2013.

Butter Gallery.


Scope Art Fair, Solo Exhibit, Miami 2012.

Butter Gallery.


Salon' D NotreSociete, Miami 2011.  

Primary Projects, Group Exhibit.


Primary Flight, 2011.

Collaboration with Andrew Schulz.


Collabo Show, Group Exhibit, Miami 2009. 

Curated by Bhakti Baxter.


Primary Flight, Mural Exhibit, Miami 2007.


Open Space, Solo Exhibit, Miami 2006.

Curated by Brandon Opalka.



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